Training is a MUST

Everything has to be trained for everything to flow properly. Without proper training, there would be no balance and without balance, there would be nothing. Even as the bible says, you should whip your child if they don’t behave, so that they behave later on to avoid the consequences.

This is the same for every type of situation, whether it be with your addiction, child, friends, or even pets. As without training, they will eventually rule over you even though you’re supposed to rule over them. Below, I will be show you some experiences that my fellow friends and myself have experience and have benefited from in return from training.

1.) Children

My friend has several children that behave very nicely, only because they have been trained by my friend. Without the training that my friend provided, they would probably be the same ruthless brats I saw a few years ago, before my friend decided something needed to change. children

She started seeing that they were acting very rude to not only her and her husband, but to her friends as well, including me. They weren’t showing the proper respect that adults should receive and as her fellow saint, she did not believe that the children should be acting towards me like that. So every time they did that, she started whipping them until they realized that this was rude and that whipping would follow whenever they did this, so they eventually stopped.

2.) Pets

One of my other family members had a pet cat that they loved dearly. However, the cat started to develop a habit where it would start chewing and biting off pieces of furniture whenever no one was home. So when we entered the house, we would see the house in a complete mess with the cat being the one responsible for it as we didn’t keep any dogs in the house.

However, he couldn’t throw away the cat or send it away to therapy since he loved it so much, but decided it was too much and decided to get a cat muzzle for biting habits. This was crucial to the development of their bond and health, as the cat stopped biting furniture off and was more loyal to him than before. It seems like their bond improved after this training which was an awesome sight to see none the less.


If you want something done right by someone, train them to do it right. If not, they will constantly do it over and over again until someone else decides to train them in which they will be loyal to that trainer instead of you. So go ahead, go train and don’t look back.

About my Life

saint mary

A life of a saint is a bit difficult for people to understand, so I’ll try to clear some things up in this blog and help you understand what a saint really is. There are many things that people don’t really understand about saints¬†and that is why we sometimes get harsh things said about us behind our backs.